Say hello to TUC.hub

Introducing TUC.tiny starts a new chapter with the opening of its first headquarter in Venaria Reale (Turin).

Dec 23, 2021

After the announcement in the third year of the founding of TUC.s.r.l, the promises have been kept and the TUC.hub is opened.

TUC S.r.l. announces the operation of its first HQ in venaria reale Turin. 

The regular parallelepiped-shaped building is the expression of the Italian functionalist style of the early 1900s and has been completely renovated and already operational for a few months for the staff of TUS s.r.l. now the company is ready to be able to host customers and collaborators in a non-place and a non-space where the future is forged through work, creativity and thought.

TUC S.r.l. will announce in 2022 an opening event to be able to host the press and the industry. 

More information will be disclosed during the year.