ROAD TO TUC 3.0 – to leverage on Samsung Knox solutions.

Introducing TUC.tiny and Samsung join forces to further enhance the technology statement of the upcoming TUC 3.0.

Mar 23, 2023

Torino – After the launch of 1.0 and 2.0 technology releases and the introduction of brand-new TUC.nest, the “Kit for Mobility Space Development” in Dubai, TUC S.r.l., the company known for its "USB of mobility" solution, continues its journey towards the introduction of the industrialized version of it.

 To further enhance the technology statement for this important milestone, it has been signed a partnership with Samsung focused on Samsung Knox technology and solutions tailor made for the eco-system to connect and manage devices according to user needs and use cases in a Modular mobile space.

"We are very proud to partner with through Samsung Knox, the security and device management solution validated by all major international certification authorities. As Samsung we are committed to developing products following the ‘secure by design’ vision: we think about the security of devices right from the design phase, so that they are already extremely secure even before other applications are installed; thanks to the Samsung Knox platform, moreover, we are able to guarantee their customization for use in the most different contexts, even the most innovative ones such as"


- ANTONIO BOSIO, Head of MX B2B Sales Development at Samsung Electronics Italy -

The partnership with Samsung Knox shows the amazing possibilities that can offer to enhance tailor made solutions and technologies in a new modular and personalized mobility space. An environment for a brand-new user experience made possible by TUC’s concrete solution for the future.


- LUDOVICO CAMPANA, CEO & Inventor of TUC – 

So, keep your own devices always with you and stay tuned to see how they can work in different environments: “unexpected” TUC 3.0 surprises are on the way to be unveiled soon.

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Samsung Knox is a business platform for configuring and managing mobile devices – offering efficient and customized use in various industries. Samsung KNOX provides security hardening from the hardware through to the application layer. 

KNOX incorporates Security Enhanced (SE) Android developed by NSA (National Security Agency),and integrity management services implemented in both hardware and the Android framework.

At the application layer, KNOX offers a container solution that separates business and personal use of a mobile device. 

This separation is enforced by SE Android and file system level encryption, offering protection of business data and applications from data leakage, viruses and malware attacks. KNOX provides reassurance and convenience for IT departments looking to implement and manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies.

ABOUT TUC S.r.l is a Deep Tech company that enables plug&play modularity and cost reduction in vehicles through the development of the TUC international, based on an International patent, redefines the concept of vehicle following the guiding values of simplicity and progress, A new and disruptive technology to revolutionize the future of mobility through solutions for the development of vehicles as truly human-centered modular spaces.  has been exhibited around the world such as CES in Las Vegas, VIVATECH in Paris, GITEX Global in Dubai, Milan Design Week, achieving impressive media coverage and was exhibited at the Italian National Automobile Museum, MAUTO, as a key vehicle re-defining element.  

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