Introducing TUC.tiny

Introducing TUC.tiny

Introducing TUC.tiny, the real "mobility USB"

Apr 15, 2024

Introducing TUC.tiny

Turin – On the occasion of the first national day of Made in Italy, TUC S.r.l., the Deep Tech Company known for its "USB of mobility" solution, one year after the launch of the industrialized version TUC 3.0, today 15 April 2024 at 10:00 CET presents in Digital World Première streaming on the TUC's website, a fundamental evolution of its offer,  the missing piece to fully enable the Mobility Revolution.

TUC.tiny™ is the key to New Mobility. The missing piece, the extension of industrialized technology, launched last year, in its more compact dimensions. With all the features at the base of the patent, issued in over 140 countries worldwide, currently the subject of important collaborations with top players, selected by ZER01NE, Hyundai Motor Group's Global Open Innovation Platform, for a technological roadmap based on the development of "Human-centric" vehicles.

A small jewel based on TUC's three technological pillars, mechanical structuring, electronic management and data exchange, with a beating heart designed to also interface consumer electronics, thanks to the integration of USB Type-C technology, to become, to all intents and purposes, the USB of Mobility, a solution that aims to reinvent the interaction between users and vehicles, bringing together mobility and everyday life.

TUC.tiny™, emerging from TUC s.r.l.'s advanced research in miniaturization and technological simplification, represents the core of the company's patented technology, designed to innovate the value chain in the Mobility sector. With a strong commitment to the development of modular, user-oriented solutions for vehicles, this initiative introduces a human-centric approach to mobility. This direction makes TUC.tiny™ an ideal solution for both the main players in the mobility sector and users, perfectly meeting the needs of both. 

With this in mind, a fully modular cabin concept has been developed to present TUC.tiny™ in the best possible way, which thanks to™ becomes an environment to be lived in and configured without limits other than those dictated by one's own needs in a functional, flexible and coherent way with the new needs of society. A concept designed by™ and created thanks to the partnership with La Bottega Torinese, a brand of the Esiste Group, a leader in the development of interior and exterior models for the Mobility world.

A real blank canvas, which can be transformed and customized countless times thanks to TUC.tiny™ and™, flexibly adapting to every need and preference. With TUC's innovative patented technology, personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, speakers and voice automation systems can be securely integrated. At the same time, automotive-specific elements such as dashboards, switches for driving mode selection and climate control, navigation systems with integrated cameras, harmonize with accessories that can be used both in the car and at home, such as fragrance diffusers, ambient lights.

We are proud of the results achieved thanks to our constant commitment over the last few years. - said Ludovico Campana, Inventor and CEO of TUC - TUC.tiny™ represents our promise for the future; A vision of a world where technology and mobility come together in personalized experiences, designed around the needs of everyone. With®, we enable a paradigm shift, giving vehicle manufacturers tools to simplify development, engineering, and manufacturing, while enabling new business models that enhance continuous post-production customization. - Our goal is that it is not the user who adapts to the life cycle of the vehicle, but that the vehicle can evolve to meet the changing needs of its user. We are thrilled with the results obtained by customers who are experimenting and adopting our technology, testifying to the validity and effectiveness of our work – continues Campana – This is the future that TUC S.r.l. is building: a mobility ecosystem where every innovation is guided by the values of democratization of technology, customization and sustainability, with the ambition to overcome current boundaries and explore new possibilities for a more connected and sustainable society. responsible.'"

With TUC.tiny™ and its advanced interface – which includes physical fixing, electrical and data transfer connectivity – any device can be integrated into the modular design of the dashboard, making it immediately operational. This allows users to customize their mobile space with extreme ease and freedom. TUC.tiny™ is designed to support all everyday devices that have a USB Type-C connection. These can be integrated into TUC.tiny™ through a state-of-the-art module. The proposed solution stands out for its ability to blend harmoniously into any part of the vehicle, both inside and outside, ensuring direct and simple installation, both in the production phase and after-sales, eliminating the need to adopt inefficient and unsafe solutions such as suction cups or other impractical and unreliable systems. In addition, the robustness of TUC.tiny™ is ensured by a mechanical or electro-actuated locking system, which introduces the novelty of security offered by NFC technology for reliable control of locking and unlocking functions.

The design of the modular dashboard aims to demonstrate how™ can benefit the entire mobility ecosystem of the future: an interconnected, multimodal, circular and dynamic system, capable of enhancing every phase of the life cycle of vehicles and prolonging their use. This is achieved through simple and intuitive operations, within everyone's reach, robots included.

By working with KUKA Roboter, a leading robotics company, it was possible to demonstrate the immediate and tangible impact that TUC.tiny™ and™ can have on assembly and disassembly processes, making them much simpler and more efficient. This approach enables the creation of a highly integrated production and product management chain, both in the initial and final phases. These synergies were also explored and highlighted through two crucial partnerships.

Such as the one with VI-Grade, a leader in Zero Prototyping technologies, which will be inspired by the concept of the modular dashboard to develop an HMI simulator "powered by™" with the aim of minimizing the development time of new technologies in terms of Infotainment and increasingly easy and intuitive on-board user interfaces.

Finally, the partnership with Made In Verse, focused on the development of a Mixed Reality platform based on the offer of devices "powered by TUC", aims to visualize the impact of as an enabler of new business models based on continuous and targeted user-centric personalization throughout the life cycle.

Through the innovative™, these collaborations are redefining the development process in the industry, cutting time and costs and, at the same time, ushering in new business models. This not only accelerates the adoption of advanced mobility solutions but also opens the door to a world of personalization and circular economy, concepts that TUC particularly cares about, as evidenced by the use of recycled materials such as aluminum and plastic for its devices.

At the heart of it all, we find state-of-the-art production models, which embrace the idea of "temporary factory": flexible spaces dedicated not only to the production but also to the sale and re-use of components, making each phase of the product life cycle more integrated, efficient and sustainable. It is TUC's vision of a future where technology not only connects, but synthesizes different spheres of our lives, making mobility more accessible, customizable and environmentally friendly.

The introduction of TUC.tiny™ is the completion of's offering. It marks a step towards the "democratization" of technology. The gateway to an advanced mobility experience becomes wider, easily accommodating the smart objects that animate our daily lives. This isn't just a technological advance; is TUC's invitation to imagine and build together the future of mobility, a world where technology unites us, improving every aspect of our daily journey.

The continuation of a project that started from the Automotive and that led last year to the industrialized release of the technology tested for this world. 

A path that evolves this year towards the new world of micromobility highlighted by the partnership with ESTRIMA and the concept of the first vehicle "powered by TUC" based on the Birò.

The perfect combination of the most compact electric quadricycle on the market and the most compact plug by™ that allows the Birò to be enriched and reconfigured with devices such as a Smart Navi system with integrated front and rear cameras that, thanks to TUC.tiny™, can be operated with a simple gesture. A concept destined to become a reality very soon on everyday roads.

But TUC wants to go further. With the launch of TUC.tiny™ and the completion of's offering, a new journey begins aimed at scaling technology to new verticals such as the Aerospace sector. A new and exciting path underlined by the collaboration with ALTEC, a company of excellence in the Italian and international aerospace scene. ALTEC and TUC will collaborate on studies on the integration of within specific aerospace mobility projects.


TUC.tiny is therefore the missing piece, the key that will allow us to connect the worlds of the New Mobility that will have as its enabler.

A journey that promises to be full of exciting stages.